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  1. Arno

    Transfer Favourites and POI's from HOME to Route Planner App Devices
  2. Arno

    XL Update

    A friend asked me to update his XL, which had the correct time already. Opened Home 2 and connected device. Exclusive Replacement Offer flashed onto the screen. Clicked Down arrow and Canada is not included. Got out of those screen and updated QiuckGPSfix and Map Shares. @canderson Is...
  3. Arno

    HOME2 version a compulsory Update.

    Could not "Operate your GO" today without automatic installation of a compulsory update to v2.9.8.3669.
  4. Arno

    New eMail & PW for an older device.

    A fried asked if I could update his XL SN RH2428C**** (AKTZY); App 8.014; GPS v1.21, Boot 5.5019; Map 'Western_US_and_Canada' v905.4854. I thought I could add a new account, using HOME, opened it and connected. I was greeted with this error message: I then connected the 930 and got the same...
  5. Arno

    945 maps out on the 9th ?

  6. Arno

    Your map has been installed on your memory card

    After back up I started the download for 865 and had supper. Coming back I see the following window: Removed the card and ran a simulation and it was OK. Compared the Device and Memory Card folders and found the Safety_Cam_US_Canada to be the only file in the poi folder of the memory...
  7. Arno

    Sale of 730 in Canada

    In yesterday's flyer Futureshop offers the GO 730 for CAD 139.99, WebID 10101135. Best Buy, owners of Futureshop, is offering it for 219.00. It appeas to be the identical item as the Web Code 10101135 !
  8. Arno

    Error during planing ...

    Someone in LA said he cannot get any closer POIs than about 600 miles away. I tried to Navigate to ... City Center and get Tried SF and Klamath Falls, OR and every thing works fine there but not to LA! Don't really think there is any connection but after updating to HOME 2.7.4...
  9. Arno

    Map Share corrections

    I am not pleased with the options one gets to make corrections (maybe I just don't do it right). Tried to show a temporary block of Altona Road north of Kingston Rd in Pickering, ON. It wouldn't allow me to block the road, only either direction alternatively. I sent an explanatory note...
  10. Arno

    930 @ Best Buys in Canada

    Moderators, if you think this should be in Hot Deals, please move it. I posted it here for maximum exposure. October 11 GO 930 CAD 299.95 OS 8.10 Maps 810 Note, I just upgraded a friends buy to 8.351 and 835 NA and 835 W&CE_2GB maps. Remember, if you need to buy a Europe map for...
  11. Arno

    930 Mount - socket degradation

    The socket of my May 930, which had next to no use for the first part of this year. shows sings of cracks and and embrittlement at the now visible internal clamp tips. Without the pressure on the clamp fingers the device nods down every time the is a heavy bump on the road. Anyone else...
  12. Arno

    HOME, No Navigate to Latitude / Longitude

    Don't know with which version it happened as I hadn't used it lately but Navigate to Latitude/Longitude does not work in HOME . It still works from the device 'though. This is a pretty stupid move as one usually does not have coordinates on hand while sitting in a car.
  13. Arno

    930 Canadian price up $ 150.00

    Just happen to look at the TomTom site and see that the GO 930 price went up to $ 649.95 from 499.99. BestBuys web page still shows it at the old price; same as the 730 !
  14. Arno

    7.9xx for TT One, GO 700, Rider + 2nd Ed

    FWIW A German poster with a TomTom One reports that when he went on HOME this morning he got updated to 7.900 . Another one got 7901.9181 for the Rider & Rider 2nd Ed A third one installed it on his GO 700. Maybe that is to which the source for this post was alluding.
  15. Arno

    No NavCore 8 for older model TomToms

    According to this announcement TomTom is not planning on releasing NavCore 8 for older models, like the GO Classic, GO?s x00 and x10 series, older ONE models and the two RIDER models.
  16. Arno

    Downloads for HOME 2.3 & 2.4
  17. Arno

    Bypass Auto Shut Down In Docking Station When Not Connected To Home

    When in the cradle but not connected to HOME TT usually shuts down after 3 minutes or sooner. In the German forum, the administrator THE TREMOR posted a small file to be added to the root of the device, stopping the automatic shut down. Download from here. Just wait, then...
  18. Arno

    Computer voice (Susan) on 930

    Out of the box my 930 had no computer voice installed (insufficient memory?). I got "Susan" through HOME and it shows in Explorer to be on the device (in HOME, under Location, it says "My Computer"). Voice preference > Change voice will only show the ones in the L:\voices folder (the .tlv...
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    taking pre orders
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    Canada only, 930 Advanced Lane Guidance

    According to Support ALG for the 930 is working OK in the US but NOT in Canada. Started this separate thread not for discussion but just to get statistical data. Thanks, Cheers