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    Is anyone else experiencing mount issues? My mount will stick to the windshield for about 30 minutes then fall. If my tt is mounted it will start to droop then eventually fall. Just wondering if there is a new mount available or if anyone else is having this problem. Thanks
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    I tried searching for ram, no luck. anyone know how to get more ram for the x10? it says there is 64MB available, and i usually only have about 4.3MB free. Whenever im driving the "car" on the screen jumps, anyone else experience this?
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    Safety Cameras

    are the safety cameras not for the US? Anyone heard if there coming to the US?
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    Does anyone have T-mobile with a RAZR V3 phone? If so do you have the data plan that enables the weather? Can you tell me how you set that up and how much you pay if you dont mind? I cant seem to find out how to get it anywhere. Searched the T-mobile site and nothing.
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    I'm torn

    I'm torn between a 2GB SD card the remote for my 510. Which would you take. Im thinking the card, but i really want the remote. any input would be appreciated.
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    Joes Crab Shack & Red Lobster

    These would be good ones for people who like seafood. YUM!!!
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    I would like to have Maverik country stores. They are in idaho, nevada, utah, colorado, wyoming, arizona, and montana.
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    Upgrading 510 to bigger sd card

    I tried to upgrade my 510 to a bigger card last night. i did a backup then took out the original and put in a new card and tt home recognized it as a 710 not a 510, and when i clicked restore it just hung there and wouldnt restore. i had to cancel the action cuz it wouldnt do anything. could...
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    poi edit

    I downloaded poi edit from and im curious on how to use it. Do you have to have coordinates for all the places you put in? if so where do you get all the coordinated for what you want to put in? Then once you get the coordinates or however you find have to map the points how do you...
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    How about casinos across the country?
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    how about chilis in SLC area?
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    Creating ov2 files

    how do you create the ov2 files so i can add poi's in my area if they are not listed on the files you guys have posted?
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    How to install POIs

    How do you install POI's to TT? i have downloaded them in the map folder on the tt but cant get them into tthome. Please help!!:confused:
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    Hi from UT

    Well i suppose im the newest member of the forum. Just thought i would drop a little note and say hi. Hope everyone has a great day Thanks CrewChief521