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    Confused on TT 720 map update - no discount with TomTom Home

    I got an email from TomTom stating the maps are currently 40% off. I have the North America 2 GB version, see screenshot for app and map version: If I go through the email link, the map is $44.95 Online purchase LINK If I go through my TomTom home, the map is more expensive: $64.95...
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    Tomtom 720 $150 till 3/31/09 at Radio Shack

    I got my Tomtom 720 stolen and don't have much to spend on a replacement. For the price I don't think I can get a better replacement with all the features and power than another 720. Radio Shack has refurbs with a 6 month warranty until 3/31/09 (Web only): TomTom? GO 720 GPS Receiver...
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    Use Motorola Razr V3 charger on TT720?

    I was thinking about buying a fast charger for my TomTom 720. It plugs into the wall and supposed to charge it faster than using the USB on the computer. I noticed that my 720 has the same type of small USB port as my Motorola Razr V3 charger. Has anybody here used the Razr charger on...
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    Hola from Texas!

    Got me a new 720 and even though it may be outdated, it's new to me :) It will be here in a few days and I can't wait to tweak it with whatever improvements are out there. 2 I will try are Tripmaster and Menu Designer (though I may skip the Menu Designer if I lose my "Help" button).
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    "My posts" button

    Is there a link or button that lists your posts? Not sure if I am overlooking it or if one doesn't exist. I noticed this forum is vBulletin so don't know if it's possible, but many PHBB forums have that feature.
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    Should I return my TomTom?

    I got a TomTom XL S the other day, and I thought it was one of the best for the price ($249 at Wal-mart). I was having problems updating in TomTom Home, and I found out it is because of one of the updates, specifically "TomTom Application for One XL T" (more info on that here...