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    Hard Drive Error After Home 2 Update

    Hi all, I'm receiving the following error (see images below) when I launch Home 2 after allowing an update this morning. The drive H shown in the images do not exist on my computer. I'm sorry to report I don't know what the update was since I just went ahead and allowed it without question...
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    All Speed Cameras In Cary, NC USA To Be Switched Off

    All Speed Cameras in Cary, NC USA will be switched off at 11:59 PM EDT on Saturday, August 18, 2012. Here is a link to the news release:
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    Houston, we have a (another) problem...

    Navecore 9.400 and 9.401 are ending up to be quite buggy. 1) Any ticks to mark map corrections will disappear as soon as you connect the device to the computer. Be sure to make map corrections on the device before connecting. 2) On devices that offer a Quick menu preference (as there is on the...
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    TomTom Home Updated to Version

    Just got a new TomTom Home update today. Don't know what the changes (if any) are, though.
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    MapShare Question

    I would like to make a map correction for my use only and not share it with anyone else. This correction is a turn restriction which is not real but is there only to prevent the TT from creating a route through that particular intersection. When I made this correction there wasn't a selection...