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    Creating POI Groups - USA - TT510

    hi pedro i have emailed you a sp[read sheet of all the locations address in ontario canada for local bmo branches pls make me a custom poi so i can find a bmo around where eevr i am in the city my email i sent it from is removed if you need anything else from me pls send me a msg thank you...
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    POI Icon request

    can you please make me a bank of montreal in Greater Toronto Area and with the bmo icon please and thank you kind sir if you can please include the rest of ontario canada going to other banks using their atms cost so much these days
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    Someone make Street Fighter Voices PLS!!!!

    Ok well i've been a fan of street fighter since i was a kid. Can someone make a street fighter voice after instructions it would say something like adookid, sonic boom, tiger uppercut or spinning bird kick. i've read around google someone can acquire thesse sound effects if you have an...