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    My roadtrip to Florida

    Well I finally went on my roadtrip from Toronto to Florida with my TTone. I loaded in my custom itin, which took a few cracks to get it right, but once I figured out how to go about it, it was pretty easy. Here are my thoughts on having a GPS unit for trips like this. Good 1) Overall...
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    Updated North America maps and POI's

    How can i tell if the new NA maps have some of the POI's that are listed in the POI section... ie. Walmarts/Targets/ Tim Hortons etc. I would hate to have them duplicated.
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    TTOne and Pontiac Montana

    I am looking for a mount that will fit a 01 montana, the windscreen is very far forward and its tough to reach it. Also, where in Toronto sells it?
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    Ok, ready to head to Florida... well sort of.

    I will leaving on an annual road trip to FL next month and have my TTOne with the new North America maps installed. We have used a route for the past few years that we like, what is the best way for me to follow that route on my TTOne. I had the TTOne plot a route to FL, while most of it takes...
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    sorry, more TT one questions

    I am sure these have been answered many times before but here I go again. 1) here is my TT one stats App 6.501 (7460/060904) OS:1343 GPS v1.21, Boot 4.81 USA/Can mao v.660.1215 Now I want to upgrade to a 2 gig and the North America maps when my disk comes in. Just playing around I...
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    activate my promotion

    just loading tt home on my mac and the screen "activate my promotion" came up, is it something I need?