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    Confused on TT 720 map update - no discount with TomTom Home

    OK, I see now that it is GBP 44.95, not American dollars). On the top of the website menu next to "About TomTom", It was on United Kingdom instead of United States. Thanks for the heads-up by the way, I'll buy the map update before the new release.
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    Confused on TT 720 map update - no discount with TomTom Home

    I got an email from TomTom stating the maps are currently 40% off. I have the North America 2 GB version, see screenshot for app and map version: If I go through the email link, the map is $44.95 Online purchase LINK If I go through my TomTom home, the map is more expensive: $64.95...
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    TomTom.mnu Menu Structure Table

    Would it be possible to download the icons from the x40 and put them on a TT 720? Icons at bottom LINK The x30 icons look just like the 720 icons, but I the x40 series icons better. I noticed the x30 icons are .png and the x40 icons are .gif, unless they were just uploaded to the website...
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    Fix for GO720 Poor Window Mount Suction Cup

    Not sure if it's the 100 degree days we have in Texas or what, but I've had 2 Tomtom 720's and both of them don't stick on the windshield (2002 ford pick-em-up truck). I even tried bringing the suction cup inside at work just in case it was the heat messing them up but that didn't work. Did...
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    Google Maps

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Tomtom 720 $150 till 3/31/09 at Radio Shack

    Thanks, I didn't know that. My last 720 was a refurb I bought off of Ebay and since it was an authorized dealer, Tomtom honored the 30 day map guarantee.
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    Tomtom 720 $150 till 3/31/09 at Radio Shack

    I got my Tomtom 720 stolen and don't have much to spend on a replacement. For the price I don't think I can get a better replacement with all the features and power than another 720. Radio Shack has refurbs with a 6 month warranty until 3/31/09 (Web only): TomTom? GO 720 GPS Receiver...
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    How to clear Password

    Thanks for clarifying that dhn, much appreciated.
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    How to clear Password

    Had my TomTom stolen recently and whoever stole it may find this thread to learn how to clear the password. Sure it's possible he/she used a different site to find out how to do it but we will never know. On a side note, not sure if I should replace it with another 720 or a Nuvi 205W...
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    How to clear Password

    Even if you are telling the 100% truth, you will not find an actual answer to your question. In a thread titled "Serial number for stolen TomTom" I had given a reply on how a password could be recovered and the mods edited it out before I could. Eventually I removed any remaining hints on how...
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    How to customize menus

    I haven't tried ANY menu designer because I was afraid of losing one option or another so I can't vouch for this but hopefully somebody else can chime in and help: Free online menu designer: *** I removed the link for the other program...
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    Buyer beware !

    Sorry about your loss, that really sucks. :( I can only vouch for one dealer on Ebay because they are an authorized dealer of refurbed TomToms AND TomTom honored their map guarantee. The store is Global Phoenix Direct, and the seller's name is ebestdeal4u...
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    ONE XLS or XL 330S

    My advice, and one that was given to me on this board, would be to buy a refurbed GO 720. I bought a refurb on Ebay (against GAW's advice) but it included free shipping and came with a free camera bag which had room for the USB base to...
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    Favorites --> POI's Help me pls

    First of all, I saved my favorites to an .OV2 category I named "Pauls_Places". I then opened an icon in TT and "saved as" to "Pauls_Places (icon has to be named same as your .ov2 file). I then modified the icon to the first letter of my name and saved it. Now on my map my POI's show up like...
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    Toshiba 4GB SDHC Card

    I bet that if there was a poll on here on whether or not SDHC cards worked on there TT x20, the over-whelming majority would be yes. I am using a cheap Adata 4GB SDHC class 6 card with no problems. Even though the manufactures have to meet minimum standards on there cards, it seems that not...
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    Playing MP3's

    Some other settings related to playing MP3's is what output do you want to use for your songs. Change Preferences > Speaker Preferences (screen 6) You will get the following 2 settings: Play Instructions use this speaker: Internal speaker Bluetooth Hi-Fi device Line-out (audio...
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    Map of USA v7.20 ????

    One more question (sorry for hijacking this thread, but I didn't think I should start a new one since it is related to a previous question in this thread) Today i recieved an email from TT to download the new map, but it is different than what is installed on the 720. From a previous...
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    Map of USA v7.20 ????

    Thank you much dhn, and as always, you've been a big help. I called them and they told me I have to send them proof of purchase (in my case Paypal) and send this proof to them via email They gave me a reference number and I will send them the docs. For future reference, here is where they...
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    Map of USA v7.20 ????

    My map is not v720.1803, it is v710.1584: But whenever I connect to my TT Home, it says that it already came with the latest map. I have had this TT for 2 weeks now. How do I make it "see" that there is a newer version so I can download it?
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    calculator possible?

    I am having trouble installing it on my 720. I followed the instructions found in the "Help installation" on this page: I followed the install directions it had for the :TomTom Home 2.x" because it was closer to the one I had, except you go to...