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  1. J

    Quick Gpsfix

    I haven't gotten a quick gpsfix for at least 3 months on my 940XL. I don't think that is correct. Has anyone else had this problem before?
  2. J

    POI Errors in Last 3 Map Versions

    Read the same posting in General Discussion I'd like to see if we can make something happen at TOM TOM. The US market must make up a good percentage of their sales but the US phone number isn't posted on the web page for contacts.
  3. J

    POI Errors in Last 3 Map Versions

    :mad: Check you maps and email, write, or call TT customer service! (866.486.6866) I am frustrated in dealing with TOM TOM customer service to address several errors (problems) with the latest 3 map versions. I have a v650 that doesn't have the problems in v665 & 675. I had customer...
  4. J

    Where are the Las Vegas Casinos

    It's great having a POI for casinos but in maps v650.1109 and v665.1293 the casinos/hotels on the strip are not there. Or should I say - I can't find them. All of the major casinos are in the Reno and Atlantic City POIs. Any help?
  5. J

    Can't get TT Home to communicate

    I have been trying to get TT Home to update my v6.50. I was hooked up and nothing responded however, I could update a v6.56. What do you think is wrong?:confused:
  6. J

    No Colleges in POI

    I talked a friend into buying a ONE on Tuesday and today he wants help in finding Lasalle University in Philadelphia. The POI for Colleges/Universities only shows Daycare Centers. ????? No matter what town we go to. Any quick fix?