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  1. cputrdoc

    RFID gadget for cat/dog

    Pet lovers: I'd love your feedback about an idea I have to keep the wrong animal from eating your pet's prescription food. I need votes to bring this to market. Login and vote here -- quirky products | show
  2. cputrdoc

    POI request - Verizon Wireless stores

    I find myself running to the VZW stores for parts and accessories fairly regularly. Any chance of getting a POI file for Verizon Wireless locations?
  3. cputrdoc

    Edit exit/street name for text-to-speech purposes

    I've got a GO 920T with firmware 8.302 and map 825. Several streets and exits have now changed name per what's shown at the top of the screen and per what Loquendo is being fed, however those new names are a bit off. For example, it's fed "Co Hwy G2 / Lawrence Expy" which is technically...
  4. cputrdoc

    New Map Update Service

    On my HOME I'm now getting a notice that: Newer versions of your map are available Get them for as little as US$ 11.95 per quarter with our new Map Update Service(tm) When I click on the button it offers me a North America map update subscription for $47.80. The odd thing...
  5. cputrdoc

    Clear Flash utility

    I tried running the clear flash utility today and it just fizzled out. Progress bar indicates it's loading, then a flicker of a black DOS window, and the progress bar disappears. Anyone else having trouble running the Clear Flash utility recently? ...and yes, I tried downloading a new...
  6. cputrdoc

    New forum software controls spam?

    Though the new forum software is much "cleaner" than the old one (okay, it's too plain for my tastes but oh well) I actually miss the old logo most of all. Was the upgrade to help control our robo-spammers?
  7. cputrdoc

    Alert when close to schools & places of worship

    TomTom GPSs have a lot of useful things in them, but I give this feature an 8 out of 10 on the uselessness scale. Most of us might use this feature to remind us to slow down; here in California you need to slow down to 25 mph when you're approaching a school or church. Well, the case they've...
  8. cputrdoc

    Suppress "Keep to the highway" instructions

    Doesn't seem like that feature does a lick of good. About half of the highway exits around here are a lane that departs, so my TomTom is constantly telling me to keep left and/or stay in the left lane, even when any of the left 3 lanes would be just fine. Has anyone found the "Suppress 'Keep...
  9. cputrdoc

    2002 Honda Accord with satellite radio mount

    As promised elsewhere, below are pictures of my mounting solution (all pictures are hosted on Flickr). All pictures are without the power cord and traffic receiver since I don't really have an elegant solution for that; they just hang every which way. Still, this should give you some ideas...
  10. cputrdoc

    "Work at home" opportunities

    Public Service Announcement about "Work at home" opportunities With the economic situation being what it is, everyone's looking for a way to make some extra money. Some criminals are counting on that, in fact: Please beware of so-called "work at home" or "home-based business" opportunities...
  11. cputrdoc

    TomTom Support: "Please check"

    Yesterday Michelle from TomTom Support suggested I check TomTom Forums, saying that there are a lot of great tips here that aren't in the official Knowledgebase. I explained to her that I was a regular. :) Keep up the great work everyone!
  12. cputrdoc

    300th post

    I wonder if this will finally take care of that stupid "Novice" title on my profile.
  13. cputrdoc

    TomTom: Will it blend?

    For those of you who hate your GPS, or who just are morbidly curious about what a TomTom looks like in a blender, here you go:
  14. cputrdoc

    Arrival Sounds

    I noticed in TT HOME 2.5.1 there's a whole category of arrival sounds to replace "You have reached your destination." Only... how do I actually *use* the sound I downloaded?
  15. cputrdoc

    Disneyland POIs

    *sigh* this shows you just how much of a geek I am :p but I'm headed to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA this week and I would love to have a map of where each attraction is shortcuts to get from land to land without going to the center spoke each time Yeah yeah, I realize that's why they have...
  16. cputrdoc

    Phone settings

    I noticed TT HOME downloaded an updated set of phone settings today. Anyone know what changed? (and is my Motorola Q9c phone supported yet? doubt it...)
  17. cputrdoc


    Okay, first you're a newbie, then a tester, then a user, then a novice? Shouldn't novice be toward the beginning of that list?
  18. cputrdoc

    Map subscriptions

    I like that idea. Never again worry about whether to buy the next map just to have it outdated a week later. ...and with it being an optional subscription, well, maybe I live in a really old neighborhood and streets rarely change so I unsubscribe until I decide my POIs are too old.
  19. cputrdoc

    TomTom Eclipse In-Dash Receiver w/ TomTom $449

    Eclipse AVN2210P Take your GPS with you, but never worry about your mount again.
  20. cputrdoc

    Bluetooth car compatibility thread

    A bunch of new cars on the market now include Bluetooth capabilities. No need to wear a headset, just talk into the air. ...but some of them also will copy your contact list from your phone. I don't know whether that's made available to the TomTom or not. Some cars also transmit the status...