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  1. GarCor

    Map Reversed

    Has this ever happened to anyone ? My 920 has been working excellent with the newest Map and firmware, However we were on a road trip this weekend and all of a sudden the map seemed like it reversed itself we were traveling along a river on our right and it was showing it on our left, When we...
  2. GarCor

    New Satellite Launch scheduled

    Has anyone see this article on pocketgps regarding a new gps satellite launche scheduled for tomorrow July 14/11 USAF To Launch GPS IIF2 Satellite Early Thursday Morning Not sure if this will help us or not but looks interesting.
  3. GarCor

    Is see Houghi is back up and running for those that like to use it with google maps

    For those of you that like to use Google Maps and Houghi I see it is back up and running again. Tomtom and Google I personaly like this program for planning my route before leaving on a long trip. I use Google maps to plan my route so that I can drag it where I want to go then convert it...
  4. GarCor

    Defining your internal and Sd Card with icons

    For those that might be interested in defining your internal and SD cards with different icons when you are in My Computer with windows explorer. This is what I did. I first made an Sd card icon (and named it SdCard no spaces ) and then copied it to my Sd card. I made a copy of...
  5. GarCor

    Does anyone know if TT suport is opend todat ???

    I realize it is Thanksgiving in the US And Happy Thanksgiving to all our US friends. I am wondering if TT support is opened today? I have been on hold fort 1/2 hr now and I am getting a message stating that all our agents are helping others please stay on the line for next available agent. I...
  6. GarCor

    Maps update subscription transferable

    Does anyone know if the map updates subscription is transferable from one Go unit to another? (Example if you had a 920 and it died can you transfer the remaining 1 year subscription to another new or refurbished Go unit ) I can?t seem to find any info or conditions on the TT home site...
  7. GarCor

    Follow up on Battery Replacement for GO's

    After removing my battery on my go 920 I noticed the model # and rating to be different than the ones offered at the different sites online. Namely my oriiginal being 1320 mAH and all the ones on line are 1300mAH. So after doing a further google search for part # I came up with this...
  8. GarCor

    The importance of making Backups

    For those of you that haven’t made a backup! Here is something that happened to me yesterday that without an Explorer backup could have made my 920 a paperweight. When I tried to turn my unit on it would freeze at the start up screen it wouldn’t connect to the computer or go into navigation...
  9. GarCor

    New Beta Tom Tom Home

    New version of home is available today ( 2.7 Beta ) There is some nice changes in it that I see so far like manage your TT that shows the memory left on your internal & SD card
  10. GarCor

    New TT Home Beta 2.601512 available

    I just downloaded and installed new Home Bata 2.6.1512. There are some new features and Icons on it but there seems to be a bug in it. When I try and update from internal I receive an error and it shuts down, if I select my SD card it starts up fine. It could be that I am using 8.032 app...
  11. GarCor

    Fix for 8.30 app on GO 720 & 920 stuttering & slow refresh

    Thanks to MikeAlder on the UK site I believe there is finally a fix to the Voice, stuttering, and refresh rate with the 8.30 app on the GO x20 & GO x30. I have followed his instructions and although I haven't taken the unit on a road test I have done a couple of A-B route demos and everything...
  12. GarCor

    Editing your TT Poi files with Tyre

    For those of you that are not aware that you can use Tyre to edit your TT Poi ov2 Files. This is something that I didn?t know about Tyre. When you have Tyre installed on you computer you will be able to open TT ov2 point of interest files with the Tyre program and view their locations on...
  13. GarCor

    Tractor Supply Stores POI ??

    Does anyone have a Tractor Supply Stores POI File that works ?? I have downloaded one from TT home site that doesn't work & I tried one from POI Factory but my 920 doesn't recognize it. Just wondering if anyone has a zip file that works ?
  14. GarCor

    start up sound

    Am I mistaken :confused: ?? I thought I had a drum sound when I would first turn my Go920 on. If I did I have lost it now.
  15. GarCor

    Is this just a N/A Map issue

    I posted this on the Uk site but then got thinking it might just be a North America map issue. Although I don't use my TT everyday I thought I would try it out yesterday after all the installing and uninstalling of app & maps etc. etc. I have tried in the past month. I was taking a short...
  16. GarCor

    Google maps have just revamped ther site a bit.

    I see that have changed there format again with some nice improvements like a tool that when you get your route planned you can browse your route turn by turn as well as some other nice features. For those of you that don't know here is a program that works with TomTom & Google...
  17. GarCor

    Home 2.4 is down at the moment (11/25/08)

    TT Home is down at the moment for updates. They must be doing maintenance on the site. The other day when I logged on I was required to reregister, very unusual and today I get an error message. The other side of the pond is getting the same...
  18. GarCor

    Is there a significant difference between NA Maps 8.10 & 8.15

    I was just wondering if anyone has done a comparison between the 8.10 & 8.15 maps for North America using App 8.30. The reason I ask is the NA 8.10 map is considerably larger that the NA 8.15 I was thinking it was better compression for the 8.15 map but I don’t think that is the reason for...
  19. GarCor

    How to take a screen shot and upload it to your post

    It is sometimes easier to explain your situation with a picture. With your TT unit connected to your computer and you would like to take a screen shot of a file or what is happening in home or something else here is a free program you can download to take screenshots...
  20. GarCor

    I see the new 8.15 map is avaiable for download

    I see the new 8.15 maps are now avaiable in two different sizes. The issue I have with this is that they are both smaller than the 8.10 map I have on my 920 now???