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  1. zengshengliu

    Nav4 17.3

  2. zengshengliu

    Nav4 V17.102 (hotfix)

    A new firmware for Nav4 device, mostly for bug fix
  3. zengshengliu

    Nav4 V16.600

  4. zengshengliu

    TomTom Map Got Worse?

    Recently there are places that, for no reason, changed from correct to wrong. For example:'06.0%22N+75%C2%B011'38.8%22W/@40.101676,-75.1946702,19z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.101676!4d-75.194123 This off ramp allows for right turn onto...
  5. zengshengliu

    Nav4 V16.201

  6. zengshengliu

    Nav4 V16.102 HotFix

    For those who have issue after updating to 16.101(including me), this should fix the issue. The only other problem that I am having that is not fixed (but confirmed by TomTom support), is that when reporting speed limit change on a road, the selection wheel will bounce back to the default...
  7. zengshengliu

    New Version of MyDrive Connect

    Looks like the new version of MyDrive Connect V4.1.0.2658 finally allows multiple devices on the same account (I believe) On the main screen, there is a button for My Devices, and when click on it, it brings me to another page which allows me to add a device. If that is true, I believe some...
  8. zengshengliu

    Nav4 V16.101

  9. zengshengliu

    Not Enough Space

    My GO 600 is showing 'Not Enough Space' warning to me recently (since the past 2 update(1 firmware, one map)) It said: Current free space: 396 MB Internal memory Your device needs at least 400 MB free space before it can import OV2 and GPX files. To make space, delete unwanted OV2 or GPX files...
  10. zengshengliu

    Nav 4 v15.600

  11. zengshengliu

    Nav 4 v15.500

  12. zengshengliu

    Unexpected Map V956

    Just check the tomtom mydrive and see this: This is the second out of schedule map release I see from tomtom for the new device
  13. zengshengliu

    Nav 4 V15.401

    The interesting one is the route prediction. It allows the tomtom to set destination automatically (for me, from and to work) so i don't have to enter it manually. Another thing I found that is not noted on the update note: Instead of 3 ... on the map, it now actually says the word menu
  14. zengshengliu

    With I Have Enough Memory on Next Map Update

    So I have a GO 600. On map 9.50, I have a free memory of ~250MB After the 9.55 update, I have a free memory of 98MB (I only have speed camera subscription, no other custom POI) I know its 3 months ahead, but will I need to purchase a SD card to prepare for the next map update?
  15. zengshengliu

    Traffic Unavailable Since 15.202 Update

    Since the 15.202 update, the traffic is only working 10% of the time. The MyDrive cloud service is working (as I can add or remove favorite on MyDrive on my computer and it will show up on the device). On TomTom Services menu, it said my phone is connected, and the traffic subscription is...
  16. zengshengliu

    New TomTom MyDrive Connect

    When I try to download updates for my GO today, I found out that they have a new version of MyDrive. Instead of web based, its now on its own application (although I think it just a window with web instead of full application like the old TomTom Home).
  17. zengshengliu

    Nav4 v14.6

    Looks like they are finally adding the custom POIs in the near future.
  18. zengshengliu

    Nav4 V14.5

  19. zengshengliu

    Nav4 V13.057

    Looks like a lot of missing functions are being added :)
  20. zengshengliu

    Map 926 for Go 600?

    I just received a new map offer for my Go 600 today. Its version 9.26 Did TomTom changed their update schedule?