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    Gone to the dark side

    After about 16 months with my ONE, on an impulse, I bought a Garmin nuvi 750 from HSN for $299. Seemed like a good price. It has WAY more POIs than the ONE has, also has text-to-speech, can play the audio (including mp3s) through the vehicle audio system, has a longer battery life, and uses...
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    TT Home Updates

    My v2 is at 7.162 also, so that may be latest version for this model. You should get a GPS QuickFix more often. I get one every single time I connect. Jim
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    No internet connection on HOME

    Same problem here too. Before I did anything rash, I checked in here. Glad I did! :) Jim
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    auto re routing for 3rd edition

    I don't think I've ever had a problem with my ONE recalculating the route if I stray from the original route. It seems to instantly recalculate. Only time I had an issue was when the route took me over the Wilson Bridge from Maryland to VA. I was avoiding the bridge because of construction...
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    TOMTOM One w/V 7.161 won't turn on unless I pull SD Card

    You should have the card in. You need to press and hold the power button. It seems after the update you do have to press it longer than previously. A re-set should have fixed the power on issue, however you do still need to hold the power button longer. Jim
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    auto shutdown

    If you Clear the route before you shut it down, you'll be fine next time you fire it up. Here's the procedure: Jim
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    Power up sound sometimes?

    Yeah, I pushed in the button on the bottom. I don't think you lose anything, my favorites are still intact. Maybe some settings, I didn't check those. Jim
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    Power up sound sometimes?

    I tried a re-set and now it seems to be working ok. Jim
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    Power up sound sometimes?

    Interesting that you post this. I just updated to 7.161 and now my ONE does the same thing. Refuses to turn on unless I eject the SD card and re-install. When will they get it right??
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    Red X of Doom

    When I got the "Red X of Doom" I wasn't able to format the card or access it in any way. Seemed to be completely trashed for some reason. I had to buy a new card, restore to it, and everything has been fine since. I assumed it was just a faulty card (it wasn't the original card, it was a 2gb...
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    Got another new HOME update today

    Just got it too. Didn't even have to connect my ONE, just opened Home and the update started downloading. Jim
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    Got another new HOME update today

    Updates are coming fast and furious now. :) It would be nice if they told us what they did. Jim
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    Got another new HOME update today

    Jeff, I'm using Windows. Jim
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    Got another new HOME update today

    to version Don't know what's changed. I also got another GPS QuickFIx. Jim
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    Backup and Restore

    Interesting that this topic just came up. I just finished doing a backup using 2.1 and it completed in less than a minute. I had 5 backups in the folder and I checked the file properties, none of them had today's date. So if it updated one of them, it didn't change the file date. So I...
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    Navcore Version 7.131

    You're right, it is an option in the menu. It's checked, though, and I know it didn't display when I was out this evening. I'll have to give it another try tomorrow. Thanks, Jim
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    Navcore Version 7.131

    I took my ONE out for a spin this evening and discovered something. With 7.120 it was displaying not only the road/street that I should turn on but it also displayed the road/street I was on which was a nice feature. But now with 7.131 it no longer displays the road/street that I'm travelling...
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    Navcore Version 7.131

    It's still there for me, right on the first page of the menu. Jim
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    Navcore Version 7.131 Jim
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    Navcore Version 7.131

    Today when I connected, I did get HOME 2.0 finally. The thing was, when I checked for updates it only showed the GPS QuickFix as being available which I installed. Then I noticed there was a bar scrolling across the lower right of the screen saying "downloading". So I let it run and...