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    Gone to the dark side

    After about 16 months with my ONE, on an impulse, I bought a Garmin nuvi 750 from HSN for $299. Seemed like a good price. It has WAY more POIs than the ONE has, also has text-to-speech, can play the audio (including mp3s) through the vehicle audio system, has a longer battery life, and uses...
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    Got another new HOME update today

    to version Don't know what's changed. I also got another GPS QuickFIx. Jim
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    Another happy TomTom trip

    Memorial Day weekend, we went to Lime Rock Park in Connecticut for the Grand AM GT racing weekend. The funny thing was, I plotted the course a couple days before the weekend using my ONE. It routed me down the NYS Thruway to exit 21-A, onto the Berkshire Spur, exit at B-3 and take Rt. 22...
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    My trip to the DC area.

    Took my longest trip so far with my ONE from upstate NY to the Washington, DC area. The route the ONE generated (non-toll) was almost identical to my usual route. It did take me on a short-cut from Rt. 30-A to I-88. The only other deviation was that it wanted to put me on I-95 from I-695 in...
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    What happened to TomTom Stories?

    Did it get lost in the update? I enjoyed reading people's exploits, good and bad, with their TomToms. Jim
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    Having a problem with my ONE

    I used my ONE on a trip to my sister's and back today and it worked flawlessly. When I got home I turned it off and it seemed to hang up on the graphic showing putting the ONE into a briefcase. I unplugged the power cable from the car, figuring the ONE would still function on battery, but...
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    Unable to get updates

    I've had my ONE for a month now. Whenever I connect it to my computer and open TomTom Home and click on "Check for content updates" I get the message: "There was a problem contacting TomTom PLUS. Please try again later." Does this happen to others? I've tried it with my firewall (Sygate)...
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    Quick question

    But first, let me say thanks for all the great info here. Because of this forum, I've purchased and installed a 2 gb card in my ONE and have downloaded and installed voices from here. My question is, where do I install the POIs that I download? Thanks! Jim
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    Exxon/Mobil and Sunoco for East Coast?

    I see Exxon/Mobil for the west coast. Can we get them for the east coast? And Sunoco too? Thanks, Jim
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    Hi all!

    I've been interested in a GPS system for awhile now. My buddy bought a Magellan and I've been looking around at what's available. Saw the Tomtom ONE on QVC last week, it was their Today's Special Value and came with a case, strap, and an AC charger. Seemed like a great deal so I ordered it...