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    TomTom XL 335 Voice Issue

    well, i changed the files to 119, and it changed the file to Kathy! however the Lei icon is still on there greyed out :(
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    TomTom XL 335 Voice Issue

    Thanks for that Canderson. Yeah the voice is English with an Irish accent- if you know of her, the lady that does the voice is Kathy Clugston. I just know her as the Posh Radio 4 Lady from the Scott Mills Radio Show on BBC Radio 1! I've checked the Voices folder on the root of my device...
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    TomTom XL 335 Voice Issue

    Morning all, I've added a new (original) voice to my tomtom its the UK 'Kathy' voice - on the TomTom Home software it displays as 'Kathy' however once i remove the device from my computer and navigate to the voices folder it displays as 'Lei, Chinese' has anybody any ideas on how to correct...
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    US Lifetime Maps Voucher Code/

    Evening all, I recently bought a TomTom XL 335 whilst on holiday in Florida last month- it turns out it was as much to buy a brand new one as it was to rent one with the hire car! The model I purchaced had lifetime US and Canada maps, however when I enter the code in the UK its invalid-...
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    Heading to USA and looking for a new sat nav

    I went to Florida in September and bought the TT XL 335 with lifetime US and Canada maps from walmart for $140 came home and connected to the PC- it downloads updated maps for the US without issue however will not accept my lifetime maps code here -according to the TT customer services its not...