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    Map Correction Problems...

    Got a TT XL and about a month ago i plugged it into my XP Laptop to update it while i was updating my mac with USB 2.0. Ever since that day when i hook it to my mac it says these updates are available on map corrections but i press ok and they seem to keep popping back up. Even tho it seemed to...
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    Customer Service doesnt know what they are doing.

    So i called in to see about new maps for my tomtom because whatever home i put it on it says you have the latest. I know better with 675 and 710 out their. woman said i have the wrong home, which i got 1.6 for my mac, and that i need to go to their web site to download v2 home. It is not...
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    Tom V3 Questions.

    been doing a lot of reading about the whole 710 maps ect. I however still have 660 maps on my tt1v3 which i got two months back. The 660 do not sound like to me to be the most up to date maps. I use my tt1 on my mac so i can not normally use home2. So i got out a xp laptop and got home2 on it...
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    Iowa: Gas Stations

    this is my first post but i am looking to see if anyone can help get some POIs on Caseys in Iowa. Appreciate it. Would also like to learn to do this myself.