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    Android phone compatibility

    Does anyone know what phones are compatible with the new Android TomTom app for the USA? TomTom originally said the app would work on every single Android phone that runs Android 2.2 or later and has a screen resolution of less than 1280x720. It now appears that TomTom has a specific list of...
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    Can't download update for GO 2535 M LIVE

    I have a GO 2535 M LIVE unit. Both the MyTomTom application and the TomTom website say there's an update available for my GPS unit, but when I click on the "Get Item" link it won't let me download the update. The TomTom website won't even tell me what the update is. It just keeps telling me...
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    Can Home 2 and Home 3 be installed at the same time?

    I have a TomTom XL 335TM that my mother uses and a TomTom GO 2535M LIVE that I use for myself. Can the older HOME 2 software be installed at the same time as the newer MyHOME software for the GO 2535 unit? I need to be able to do map updates on both units from the same computer. My laptop is the...
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    Bugs with app version 10.500

    I've come across a couple of new bugs on my GO 2535 M LIVE unit. I've created my own menu with an "Add Favorite" button. Every time I tap this button I get an error stating my GPS reception is poor even though the unit has full GPS signal and has pinpointed my exact location. I can add my...
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    LIVE connection problems

    I just got a TomTom GO 2535 M LIVE unit. Out of the box the unit flat out refused to connect to LIVE services. I didn't see what software version it came with. I installed the new navcore version along with the 875 map last night. This seems to have fixed most of the LIVE connection problems...
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    Using Go 2505 While Plugged in to PC

    Is it possible to use the GO 2505TM while it's connected to my PC's USB port like you can with the older TomTom's (Go 740 or XL 340TM for example)? Or does the GO 2505TM work like nearly all Garmin's do when they're plugged into USB?
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    XL 340TM LIVE vs Go 740TM

    Does the GO 740TM LIVE unit have the same rebooting problem as the XL 340TM LIVE when switching from FM traffic to LIVE traffic? I thought I had fixed this on my XL 340TM LIVE by formatting the unit and using HOME to reinstall everything, but the reboot problem came back with a vengeance. Now...
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    Map update problem

    I have a TomTom XL 340TM LIVE. I recently updated the maps to the fall 855 maps using TomTom's own HOME software. Now the HOME software tells me my map is more than 20 weeks old and Map Share corrections are temporarily unavailable. I've gone into the version information section on the GPS unit...