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    How to Change TOMTOM one battery has a battery replacement kit with an installation video - quite a good package. Extended Life Battery for The TomTom ONE
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    GO 630 Battery Life

    It sounds like you need a new battery. I purchased mine from and was pleased with their service.
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    Go 720 Battery Replacement Directions has a battery kit which includes an installation video, battery and tools for replacing the battery. I liked the all-in-one approach to get everything I needed to get my GPS working quickly.
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    720/730 920/930 Battery Replacement Tutorial - Discussion

    I found a US battery supplier who also has installation video for TomTomGo 720 etc GPS models - They shipped quickly and with the video I was able to do a quick replacement!
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    Help! Tomtomn Go530 died suddenly!

    Battery solution I had similar problem and purchased a new battery from
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    TomTom Batteries I purchased a battery for my TomTom One at I am not super technical so I liked that they had a kit which included an installation video, tools, and the battery itself. Here is a link to their site: Extended Life Battery for The TomTom ONE