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    TomTom Support#?

    I can't for the life of me find the support phone number for TomTom USA. I need to have my traffic reactivated. Anyone have the number?
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    The Definitive AT&T / Cingular Blackberry & TomTom Plus services Thread

    I have a Blackberry 8800. I also have an unlimited Blackberry data plan. For months now, I've been trying to get my TomTom One to be able to use plus services (for traffic etc) through the Blackberry. Until yesterday I had no luck. All previous threads have always focused on settings...
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    No Route found... very frustrating TomTom Problem.

    Just got back from a weekend in Vegas with TomTom. Overall, TomTom did really well, especially with warning me of turns early enough for me to wiggle though traffic. However... I had a MAJOR problem as well. Example: As I left the rental car facility at the airport, I marked the...
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    TomTom Traffic Vs. Garmin TMC

    Well, I had the opportunity to test TomTom Plus Traffic vs my Garmin Nuvi with TMC traffic today side by side. I encountered two instances where TomTom Plus traffic showed a traffic backup on my route. The one area ended up having essentially cleared already, but traffic was dense enough to...
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    Add another working phone to the list.

    Well today I bought a Cingulat V3xx the new 3G RAZR from cingular. I mainly bought it because it can handle google mail and does 3G and can teather with my Mac... but I look my TomTom into the store and tested traffic with it. Works great!
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    US TomTom Plus user in Europe.

    I hope this has not been answered before... I've not been able to find any threads on the subject: I travel often to Europe (Germany) where traffic jams can be a REAL big problem. I'm using my TomTom One here in cleveland and have it hooked up to my US (GSM w/ international roaming) cell...
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    New TomTom One user in Cleveland

    Hey everybody. I'm a Nuvi 350 user who recently picked up a TomTom One also... I travel alot in europe, and I liked that the European maps for TomTom were sooo much cheaper than for the Garmin. So far I can't decide which unit I like better, but the TomTom is definitely growing on me.
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    Traffic Question: Will it auto-reroute?

    Stupid Traffic Question. I'm a new TomTom user in the US. I just got my TomTom to work with my phone to pull down traffic. I've tried entering a number of routes to try to hit traffic, but thus far only got "lucky" once. I have all three traffic options enabled. My question is this: Say...