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    TT1 v.2 - latest free map update?

    I purchased my TT1 v.2 on Sept 5, 2007. After various updates (including upgrading to a 2GB card), I'm now running: Home 2.1 Navcore 7.161 Map: US and Canada v660.1215 But I'm confused about the maps. Piecing together various release dates, plus seeing that tantalizing "Latest Map...
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    TT1 v.1 - free update to latest maps?

    Sorry if this is a repost, but I've searched for an hour and not found a clear answer to these particular question... I just bought a TomTom One US-Can, on clearance at Toys R Us. The box is unopened, but from some other posts I discovered that the box indicates I have version 1. Before I...