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    SMS on TNS410

    Why is it that whenever I receive an SMS on my Nokia C7 connected via bluetooth with TNS 410, I see a lot of garbage on the display and a voice reading all the rubbish displayed?
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    TNS410 and the FM sub display [resolved]

    Is there a way to keep the FM subdisplay visible when using the Sat-Nav as the radio frequency will not be seen anywhere then as in the image attached? (please see attached image)
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    TNS410 on start

    Lately my TNS 410 goes on when I start my Yaris and goes off again after five seconds. Then it starts again. Any solutions for this?
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    TNS410 and Nokia C7

    First of all Nokia C7 is not found in the list of mobile phones when trying to establish wireless data connection settings. The progress bar is stopping at 65% and is taking a long time when copying the phone book from mobile to tomtom. Tony