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    Rider v2 and scala q2

    thxs for the reply did a little more research myself and found the only real difference between the q2 and teamset is that the teamset cannot be used over 2 bikes
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    Rider v2 and scala q2

    Just wondering has anyone tried the scala q2 multiset with the rider v2.Hoping it works as my younger son is now getting behind me on the bike.Also was wondering which is the better set up considering my son will be on the same bike ,the q2 multiset or the team set which is cheaper .
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    Rider v2 and vodafone ireland network.

    Have been having issues with my nokia 6300 and my rider v2 cannot be heard or cannot hear when i have made or recieved a call ,i can only get the bluetooth hands free option to work if after i turn it on i disable then enable bluetooth,according to tomtom support which in fairness the person i...
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    i am having trouble with when i ring from my tomtom i can hear the ringtone of my landline,when i turn off my tomtom and turn it back on ithen cannot hear it if i disable then enable bluetooth i can hear it again,on contacting tomtom support i was told to reset my handsfree which entailed...
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    flash tool

    Ok i have installed the clear flash tool,ran it from my pc ,my question how do i run it then .where do i find the installation to run it.
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    Hard wiring the Rider 2?

    i hardwired mine to the brakelight switch which has no power when you turn off the key
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    New to this from ireland

    Have the tomtom rider v2,have it hardwired to the bike charging works stanav works,only prob i have is the handsfree dialling have tried everything that romtom support have said to do,reset headset and tomtom ,reset handsfree,only way i can get them to work is to disable the enable blutooth,my...