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    TT1 v.2 - latest free map update?

    I've emailed them...waiting to hear. What about using some else's copy of that North America DVD upgrade from the summer (ended June, if I recall from other posts)? I'm thinking since it was a free offer, it's OK. But I do want to be legal about the whole thing.
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    TOMTOM One w/V 7.161 won't turn on unless I pull SD Card

    I had the same thing. A hard reset (paper clip) fixed it.
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    New navcore_7.161.8491 kills SD card boot

    I had a similar issue with 7.161 and larger SD card....had to pop it out each time just to power up. As suggested, a reset fixed the issue and it's been working fine since.
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    TT1 v.2 - latest free map update?

    I purchased my TT1 v.2 on Sept 5, 2007. After various updates (including upgrading to a 2GB card), I'm now running: Home 2.1 Navcore 7.161 Map: US and Canada v660.1215 But I'm confused about the maps. Piecing together various release dates, plus seeing that tantalizing "Latest Map...
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    Seemingly few POI ... disappointed

    I agree. I've added some POIs for certain chain stores, but it's impossible to get into the millions with that strategy. There are plenty of data providers out there have have millions of businesses in nearly every category you can imagine (e.g. InfoUSA, plus a ton of smaller players)...
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    TT1 v.1 - free update to latest maps?

    Well, the versions all seemed a little confusing so I went ahead and opened the box. Voila, it looks like I've got version 2 (even though the box code beside the UPC said Part# 5N00.180 - per another post that should have been version 1). My TomTom One has a silver case and, after updating...
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    TT1 v.1 - free update to latest maps?

    Sorry if this is a repost, but I've searched for an hour and not found a clear answer to these particular question... I just bought a TomTom One US-Can, on clearance at Toys R Us. The box is unopened, but from some other posts I discovered that the box indicates I have version 1. Before I...