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    New TT 325s owner

    Same here! My wife got a great deal on one, and It's great!
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    new maps

    example Really weird... I tried playing around with it, I can't really find a work-around for that. Where did Hawaii come up with that screwy system, anyway?
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    US Map Subscription Now Available

    Got it OK, I got it. I should have checked the earlier messages. Oh well, I was hoping you could tell me that a pin reset would take care of it!!! LOL!!! Sorry, couldn't resist.:D
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    Home 2.6

    I downloaded HOME 2.6 a few days ago, and I noticed a glitch resurfaced that had appeared in an earlier version. When it starts to update, it takes forever (if at all) to find the updates unless you minimize the window that HOME is running in. Once you open HOME, minimize the window, and the...
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    US Map Subscription Now Available

    Anyone notice this? I updated and signed up for the new map subscription, and I still see the message with the red dot on the main home screen that says I need a new map. Did anyone else notice this also?
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    US Map Subscription Now Available

    Map Subscription The deal hooked me. For the price that I paid for my last map, now I'll get the next four. Not bad, I guess.
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    User from Louisiana here.

    There's one here, Another one:
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    930 Advanced Lane Guidance

    Also, I heard somewhere else that the maps in 2009 will be the first to show mapshare corrections
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    Private streets?

    If the roads aren't listed as closed, it will use them in routing
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    Private streets?

    Does it show your street as closed?
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    Private streets?

    I have found that some private streets are listed as closed to vehicular traffic. They should show special markings if they are closed. You can easily correct this with mapshare corrections, and select (Un)block streets. Then, it will use those streets for routing.
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    Maps v8.15 now available for nearly all devices!

    Kinda figured that...thanks Chilly!Long time no see!
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    TomTom service

    I don't think you'll have it back in time for your trip.
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    My tomtom called the police.

    OMG, I have heard what that sounds like, and it's annoyyyyyyyingggggggggg!