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    New England Covered Bridges

    I have to just say a BIG THANK YOU we are driving around New England at the moment and this POI rools ! I have it set to let me know when we are 3000 yards from one and man you have got them spot on it hits the "desenation" like 2 feet from the bridge ! THANK YOU THANK YOU ...
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    New England Lighthouses.

    Hi all my mate at work was bored today so I asked him to show me how to make a POI file. Well I got distracted and had work to do and came back to find he's already done it ! He's created a POI for the Lighthouses of CT,MA,NH & ME I think there's a 175 lighthouses listed. I've installed it...
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    Trailblazer colour scheme

    I joined that a few months ago but never thought to look there !
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    Trailblazer colour scheme

    Hi going to NE for a month in 80 days and just wanted to know what colour the Chevy TB dash was at night and if there's a colour scheme to match it. cheers ps. I know we spell color differently to you guys, but our way is correct :D
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    New England Covered Bridges

    Sir I THANK YOU ! I am very very gratefull cheers
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    A little Off Topic Story

    ha ha ha ha ha but which would you be more upset about if they kept it ?
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    Covered Bridges - New Hampshire

    You sir are a gentleman, many many thanls
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    Covered Bridges of New England

    if you can that would be brillaint must learn how to do it myself I'll have a look and see if i can get an dummies guide to POI's
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    Covered Bridges of New England

    If you have the info and the time that would be brilliant cheers
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    Covered Bridges of New England

    another request from little old me :rolleyes: any chance somebody has a poi of the covered bridges in the NE States ? this would help my planning for our US trip this year cheers
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    Free WiFi

    Hi Which Manchester is that ? Vermont/New Hampshire ?
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    Free WiFi

    Hi any chance of a POI for free WiFi spots in the New England States ? I would be for grateful for the rest of my life cheers Unless somebody can tell me how to get prepaid internet access like 3G. cheers
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    TT HOME 1.5 is out

    TT Home v1.5.032 Just connect my 910 and it prompted me for the new TT Home download no problems of yet for me with it
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    Hi from Liverpool, UK

    Hi from the other end of the East Lancs ! do you know which model you fancy getting ?
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    Tomtom GO 700 and 2002 Civic Si

    my V1 was bought in Sept 04. Going to order another just before we come over in Sept this year. going to have it delivered to the hotel in Provincetown. There's been about 4 or 5 software updates since I got mine !