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    Driving around

    Hi, yes you can do that. Just make sure there is no route planned. Your navi should just show your cursor and move along.If you find a location you like, you can add a favorite to your current location using the 'add favorite' option in settings.
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    I can't seem to find a way to receive instructions verbally during a phone call. The only method is to switch back to the map when a call is initiated or received.
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    Adding POI OV2 file to TomTom v1.10 iPad app not working

    Glad to hear you got it sorted out. Tomtom should add a feature through iTunes. There are many other apps out there that allow you to add files to it through iTunes.
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    TomTom Car Kit

    iO-Play for the win. A cheap and easy way would be a radio transmitter.
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    Advice on a Car Kit

    Brodit or ProClips are great but pretty expensive. A double suction mount also works.
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    Adding POI OV2 file to TomTom v1.10 iPad app not working

    Hello Jenningsville, The method should work but I think your error is that your placing the file in the wrong folder location. There are two map folders in the iPad/IPhone directory make sure you are selecting the correct folder to copy the .ov2 file and the .bmp icon. The folder should...
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    I think the rant would have been useful if you stated what the exact problem was.
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    TT GO 510 Microphone Sesitivity/Clarity

    That use to happened to my old 910. I relied on using the external microphone. This worked best by putting the external mic on the sun visor.
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    iPhone Tom Tom no internet

    Just as Alfie67 mention, it will work and don't place it on Airplane mode. You only have to to Settings>Network and select Cellular Data to OFF. Have a safe trip.
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    Hey Mike, glad to back and active. I'll check on that for you. Sorry to hear you missed your exit. That happens to me when I'm on the phone too. The only current method is to try and view the screen when turns or directions approach.
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    unfortunately, Apple's phone app has the priority on this one. The message is there so you can switch back to the TomTom App by tapping on the option. Unfortunately, there is currently no Jailbreak tweak or SSH method to fix this feature.
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    Tom Tom USA iPhone

    Have you tried to uninstall via iTunes and reinstall via App Store?
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    Slow search in go 825 live

    The processors on the units aren't the greatest. This is why sometimes you experience the slowness.
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    iPhone 4S app will not launch following power-off

    What is your iPhone version or firmware?
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    GO2450 Live not powering up when connected to power

    The options selected are the ones you ask for but they do not work. DHN's solution is worth tyring out as it may help clear those bug settings.