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    US Map Subscription Now Available

    went ahead a purchased this. Had map 8.15 and was offered 8.25 for 11.95 and quarterly updates @ 11.95. Just noticed the US tomtom website says 9.95 per quarter though? Whats with that?
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    720- Won't update fuel prices?

    I'm not sure if this is a problem with TomTom or my unit. Basically, fuel prices download and install from home, but the unit still has 3 day old prices that are now wrong (says $1.72, but it's actually $1.99 at the same station). So they are actually 3 days old.. anyone else having issues?
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    Firmware 8.302 is now available

    Noticed two things for sure so far. One, TomTom still downloads v6 (selecting Dave got me v693). Two, the voices used to distort at volume <90% unless it was plugged in, this seems to be fixed. Not sure if TT just limited the volume to remedy this. Otherwise, 8.302 does seem to be overall...
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    720 won't make left turn?

    Why is it when a destination is on the left my TomTom won't make a left turn to it? Instead, it makes a left at an intersection, then a right and another right.. and another right. Turn restrictions seem to allow a left turn on the map and I've noticed this more than once. Is there a way to turn...
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    GO 720 is stuttering BAD

    8.3 w/ 8.15 maps and version 6 voices did do this in DEMO mode. Personally, I believe part of the problem of stuttering has to do with power management, as I got no stuttering when the TomTom was plugged in. Running in real life and demo mode without power caused stuttering occasionally.
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    GO 720 is stuttering BAD

    The problem does exist in demo mode. Before loading 8.32 w/ v7 voices I was able to hear the stutter a few times in demo mode.
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    Does the 720 compensate at all when it loses signal or does it just

    When I went through tunnels in West Virginia and Virginia the 720s map went gray indicating it lost the signal but the GPS registered the car moving through the tunnel and picked up the signal on the other side. Now, if the tunnel was packed and I stopped? I don't know. But I thought it handled...