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    Hope this scares some thieves if they steal my tomtom again..

    Nice to see the department of Fatherland security is doing its job and frightening US citizens.
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    I see the new 8.15 map is avaiable for download

    Well I just called them. They tell me that the LMG can only be used once. When I got my unit about 2 weeks ago, I used the LMG to update from the 805 maps to the 810. Now despite the fact I'm still in the 30 days, the TomTom tech support person told me I can't use LMG to get 815. To those with...
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    I see the new 8.15 map is avaiable for download

    I have Navcore 8.3 on my device. I tried to use the LMG link and it is saying I already have the latest map. Currently I only have 810 maps though.
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    I see the new 8.15 map is avaiable for download

    I don't see them in TT home yet. Where do you see them?
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    TOMTOM 930 freezes Up

    I had a similar problem. It turned out a file on the internal memory had become corrupted. To solve this, I used the "Disk Utility" on my Mac to do a repair of the internal drive, since then no problems. I've read the handsfree option and the RDS-TMC receiver can cause a corrupted file. For...
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    8.3 Upgrade offered for x20 and x30 units

    If you have Next street as a status bar option, the name is no longer displayed below the horizontal status bar, rather it displays in the upper right.
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    Does your Go920 brings you in front of the entered address ?

    Let us know how it goes with the Nuvi200 in this regard. How does it compare in your area?
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    TomTom One With My son In Our Focus

    You from the UK? I would never have guessed. :)
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    Now! Navcore 7 upgrade for TomTom One v2 and S/N starting with "E"

    UPDATE I've tried my old 2GB Card and it upgrades no problem. I don't know yet if its the 4GB card, or the set of maps I have on the 4GB thats causing the problem on the 4GB I have 6.65 versions of North America, USA/Canada, Western Europe
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    Now! Navcore 7 upgrade for TomTom One v2 and S/N starting with "E"

    Mine isn't working out to well. When I try the upgrade, after I put the card back into the tomtom, all I get is the unit freezing on the Tomtom Hand splash graphic. It never seems to continue. If I re-install the older version of the Tomtom application it works fine again. My card is a 4GB...
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    iPhone pairing to One

    The iphone does not have a DUN profile... I suspect it is AT&T that crippled it. I'm going to assume that in the first update many features like DUN will be enabled. For now the lack of international roaming plans keeps me using my blueberry.
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    Buddy - it's more than just for freinds

    can the buddy feature be set to auto-update position? Did the thief also steal your cell phone? Or did he go through the hassle of connecting to a new cell?
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    How accurate is traffic??

    Same problem here, i keep seeing 0 delays even though the delay is correctly displayed on the map. I think this problem is affecting auto-reroute... (Cleveland, OH)
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    The Definitive AT&T / Cingular Blackberry & TomTom Plus services Thread

    Which blackberry are you using? Which settings have you tried? Does your "Media net" (the cingular browser) on the phone work?
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    iPhone pairing to One

    you may be able to pair with the iPhone for voice etc.. but TomTomPlus service won't work with it since it currently does not support a Bluetooth DUN connection.