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    Free Space on TomTom Go 510

    When you dock it to your computer and start home tells you space free in upper right hand corner varies depending on voices pois and stuff you install.This week Office Depot has 2 gig sd cards 19.00usd advertised in Sunday paper.Back up old cards unbackup to new card and tada. Just make sure you...
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    NEWBIE: GO 510, Treo 755P etc etc.....

    I got my 510 to work on my motorola E815 with Alltel even thought they werent on list works great even switches from traffic updates back to anser as speaker phone automaticly!! :p
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    510 thinks its a 710

    i found a file go510.dat in root of old sd card and copied it over now knows is 510 per tomtom tech 510 and 710 same unit 710 sold in europe 510 here in us,also foot note in root directory on 510 start up screeen is splashw and turn off screen is suspendw all in tomtom root directory on sd card...