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    Quick Gpsfix

    Wrong model I have a 340xl. Sorry for the wrong post.
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    Quick Gpsfix

    I haven't gotten a quick gpsfix for at least 3 months on my 940XL. I don't think that is correct. Has anyone else had this problem before?
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    New XL350 and XXL550

    Great responses Thanks for the insights. I will try the tap tap but the unit has to go back. I haven't checked on the other TM models but I will. I agree completely that most all GPS users don't care about interfaces, planning, adding new stuff, or even updating. Most don't even keep their...
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    New XL350 and XXL550

    Bought the XL350 TM The new unit has many pluses to it. The internal RDS-TMS power cord is better than the extra cord and it works fine. IQ routes has be to better than the old style - however since I make a 90 trip several times a week - knowing real time vs mapping time puts me in a bad...
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    What do you use your Tom Tom for?

    I have a long commute and use my TT for a continuous update for ETA either to work or home. When the wife calls and asks where am I - I can tell her 14.2 miles from home. I also test out different routes from HdG, MD to DC.
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    New Larger POI Files

    How to: I am fairly computer literate but I don't know how to go about loading the POI files on to my existing ONE V2 with a 2 gig card. There is a post on the ONE section that says it works and is great. Can someone help with this? :confused:
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    Can I Save an Alternate Route?

    routes cannot be saved as favorites. For the ONE V2 you can make an itinerary and save the waypoints and use this as an alternative. But for the most part just use Work or Home as the favorite and the ONE will recalculate to the alternative once you are on your way.
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    New NAV 7.162 available to download

    The new change made my ONE find cell towers in a couple of seconds.:D
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    tomtom has hired dumbos for tech support!!

    My experience shows that the cs techs are very good at reading standard answers and you can confuse them without much trouble. What gets me is that even if they don't answer or solve your issue they want to know if his has been an exceptional service experience. :eek:
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    Ready to give up on TT One

    The issue of the schools or colleges not being in the POI is one I have talked to TT about and I'd like more people to complain about it. Thanks Jim
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    TomTom - latest map lost all schools as POI

    I think there are several issues with POIs being lost. Look at Colleges/Universities. Do you see colleges or daycare centers? I have written TT several times about the college/university POI and have only gotten token answers. How do I replace the entire Colleges/Universities POI in V7.1...
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    TOMTOM One w/V 7.161 won't turn on unless I pull SD Card

    Updated to 7.161 and experienced the startup problems identified. I did the reset and things have worked okay today.
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    I'd like to see the start & end dates for each map version. If I have a unit (Apr 07) with maps that are almost 2 years old then I may be screwed for updates. Does anyone know when map 6.50 was released?:confused:
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    A few dissapointments with TomTom One V3. return for different unit?

    there are several ways to compensate for these minor travel route differences. TT is not wrong just different in some circumstances. You can look at the details of the route and then do a fiind alternative and choose to avoid the hwy you choose. Or you can always drive by the suggested...
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    North America now = US + Canada?

    Find some POIs Will someone with the 7.1 maps tell me if the following POIs are in the maps? 1. POI tourist attractions in Las Vegas, NV or Boulder City, CO - can you find the Hoover DAm? 2. POI colleges - Lasalle University in Phil. PA Does it show day care centers under this POI...