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    Low Clearance Alert

    Thanks.. I was not aware the product existed already. I doubt if they will trickle it down to us for free. This 'warn when near a POI" feature is a building block for other experimentation. Already it is reminding me whenever I get near my friend's house. Warnings like "Lock_doors"...
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    720/730 920/930 Battery Replacement Tutorial - Discussion

    I got too confident and went through it with a metal screw driver to remove the battery. I ended up cracking the chip for the bluetooth. somwhere near to the side of the battery. now my 930 still works great but without the bluetooth. I now use a stand-alone handsfree device. Something...
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    Low Clearance Alert

    Summer + roof rack + bike + low height entrances = disaster. I created a short video clip showing how we can use the tomtom as a 'Low Clearance' Warning device. Using the 'Warn when near a POI' function.. one can create several variations. YouTube - Tomtom Low Clearance Warning
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    My idiea for TomTom Live Location Sharing.

    Good idea. For my tomtom930. It might take a long time to happen. Meanwhile if you are in need of some of the functionalities, I thought I would share what I have. I currently use a device/service to allow me and trusted friends to locate my vehicle's whereabouts via a website, and...
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    gps-snitch (GPS Snitch) I'm just wondering if anyone here is using this too. Thanks
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    Why did go with Tom Tom

    I like the feel of the tomtom in my hand better than the plasticky-cheap feel of the other brands. The craftsmanship of the tomtom body looks expensive. And those of the garmins or magellan, well they look like they spewed out of a highspeed plastic molding machine, too many for quality...
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    TomTom GO 720 versus Garmin 750 Review

    Problem solving is a team effort between the tomtom owner and the techsupport. Troubleshooting will be initiated willingly by both sides.. The request for the receipt and checking for warranty expiry during the second call can mean something did not go smooth during the initial...
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    Text to speech destinations on a 730T?

    I configured my Tomtom 930 to announce the Names of my friends whenever I'm some meters near their homes. It is fun experiment. There is a function about 'warn when some distance from a POI'.. The tomtom will announce a POI category when you tell it to. (along the route, or within...
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    Navcore 8.301 for x20 devices now available

    Isn't there supposed to be a release notes for every firmware change? kind of README file indicating what are the changes and so on? This tomtom crude system of uploading firmware updates and expecting us to blindly do it is a very bad business practice. The method is an insult to the...
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    Newbie need some advise

    Or you can go with dedicated real-time tracking device.
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    welcome to the group. I have a 930 and we too can't wait till this winter is over for our next long trip.. the tomtom is a huge area of exploring.. highly configurable. Mine announces my friend's house when I'm 200 meters as I approach their location. goes something like: 'George's place...
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    Do you use screen protectors on your GPS units?

    I use screen protector.. coins and keys in my pocket have etched their way on the screen protector leaving scratches visible when the tomtom is turned off, but not visible when the screen is 'on'. I agree that the screen looks clear and sharper without any screen protector.
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    XL 330-S Advance Notice of Turns

    you can always 'ask' for the next instruction anytime by touching the 'direction' arrow. Works like a person beside you.
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    ttn & cleanup.txt

    there are good info @ 1. I have an sd card that has 'stand alone' tom player. I shove it in and power on the tomtom. The tomtom becomes a stand-alone mp3 and video player. It has a tomplayer boot file named 'ttsystem'. There is an original 'ttsystem' bootfile in...
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    how to see existing road speeds for correction

    the tomtom does not know whether you drive along the street or you run a demo route along that street. It will display the current speed.. even your correction.