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    Customer Service & Warranty Problems

    I have had much of the same issues with TT service and was unable to contact their corporate office as well. I finally had to file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau to get my complaint resolved. Your complaint can be filed on-line at You will get results! Good luck.
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    Map update offer of 6 instead of 4 not working?

    UPDATE I also received the e-mail from TomTom US in Concord MA for this 18 month offer. After getting no resolution from TT, I filed a formal written complaint yesterday with the Boston, Ma Better Business Bureau using their on-line site at The BBB contacted TT the same day. TT...
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    Map update offer of 6 instead of 4 not working?

    Hi dhn Thanks for your help. I called the number and could not get anyone to talk to...You get a bunch of options... If you know your party's extension " dial it now".... If you need technical support call 866-486-6866. ...To reach the operator press 0 ( tried this option and got disconnected...
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    Map update offer of 6 instead of 4 not working?

    Heads Up I took advantage of the extended 18 month map update offer using TomTom Home and my transaction was processed. To verify my new expiration was 18 months from today, I called TT support and was told my subscription ends in 12 months!!! Needless to say, I am not happy and was told this...
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    Map update offer of 6 instead of 4 not working?

    Map Updates Extended I noticed today that TomTom is offering the quarterly map updates for 18 months for the 12 month price for NA maps. Is this just a promotion or a new permanent price?
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    Map 845 has been released

    Hi mvl Where do you find specific information about the changes to the latest map update? Does TomTom publish what States or Cities have road changes? Also, do Map Share corrections update road speed profiles? Thanks Gary
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    Map ver. 840 is now out

    Favorites Lost favorites again with this map update.
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    TomTom Selects INRIX as Strategic Partner for Traffic and Fuel Prices in North Americ

    What does all this mean for the non "live services" users? What are the benefits?
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    "New subscription available" bug is fixed

    The bug is fixed again. It appears that "map share corrections in use" are fewer than before the bug reappeared. Just an observation! Does anyone know what the changes were to the latest TT Home version...
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    Great refurb experience

    That's a great price for the refurb Go 730 . You are one of the lucky ones to get the LMG. TT web site states that refurbs are " not eligible for the 30 day map guarantee". I bought a refurb Go 730 directly from TT, 3 months ago, and they refused to give me the latest map!! I had to pay $50 to...
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    "New subscription available" bug is fixed

    Hi dhn I am running a Mac version( of Home. When I went to the Home menu to check for latest version it said I was using the latest version. I don,t think this version is the latest for the Mac but I can't DL whatever the new version is.
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    "New subscription available" bug is fixed

    The subject of this thread. " New maps are available" message on TT home page shows the wrong status of maps! It was fixed last week.
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    "New subscription available" bug is fixed

    It's not working today!
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    "New subscription available" bug is fixed

    I received a map share update this morning... first one since Sunday. Map corrections went from 1095 to 1098. Size of update was small at 1 K.
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    TT Home

    I haven't received a map share update since Sunday. Maybe TT is busy fixing some of the IQ Route bugs!