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    TomTom car charger on Razr

    Some 5V USB car chargers have output of 500 Amps, some 1000 Amps. I'd think twice before using a car charger over 2 Amps which is the standard DC current for TT720.
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    Lost my TT720 car charger, want to use a cellphone car charger

    I lost my TT720 car charger and I'm planning to use a Nokia 252/6110 car charger by removing the jack connector and place a mini usb connector instead. It's a charger very similar to this one...
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    Multiple routes?

    multiple destinations then come back to origin :confused: :confused: :confused: I work for a delivery company and I just need to know if my TT720 can guide me to several destinations in the area and then come back to the point of origin in the most convenient way in order to save time and...
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    What are tha advantages of using an SD card in the 720?

    mp3 folder already full! I can't store more songs in my TT 720 internal memory because it's mp3 folder is full with around... 110 mp3 files. That's why I was trying to have more songs in the SD card but it doesn't seem to work. Any guesses? Thanks!:confused: :confused:
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    What are tha advantages of using an SD card in the 720?

    my TT 720 doesn't read 2gb SD Sandisk Hey guys, I tried everything: formatted the card both ways fat 32 and regular, I transfered mp3 and jpg files to the SD card in explorer, but when I insert to the unit it only says "car symbol changed". It's a 2 gb SanDisk, that's why maybe? My TT 720...
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    How to attach strap to leather case?

    Strap only works with XL-S as far as I know The TT 720 and TT 920 don't have a place to attach the strap as far as I know. :mad: :mad: However the XL-S does! See attachment.:) :) :eek: :eek: I hope this worked for frustrated guys like me. I'm not frustrated anymore but dissapointed.
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    How to attach strap to leather case?

    :confused: :confused: :confused: I just bought the TomTom leather case and strap at Staples for $42 (inc. tax)for my 720. It fits like a glove and the quality couldn't be better. However the case comes with a strap and I have no clue where to attach it. Any suggestions?? PROS: High quality...
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    Tomtom GO 720 and Samsung SPH-M300 on Sprint - a solution!

    Pair TomTom 720 with Samsung SGH-T619 :) :D :) ;) Thanks to your step by step procesure I was able to pair my TomTom 720 with my samsung sgh-t619. It works like a charm, thanks a million!!