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    What video games do you play?

    Xbox 360 = Halo 3 Beta, CoD 3, Crackdown Wii = Sports, Zelda PS2 = GTA
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    T-mobile with a RAZR V3 phone? TT300

    I have been able to get the TT to pair with the bluetooth. What makes this suspicious is its the same message for either phone I have tried it with. Both get to the 65% then the message. Its almost like the device times out.
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    T-mobile with a RAZR V3 phone? TT300

    I am having the same problem. I have a Blackjack and CS said that the phone is too new. So I tried it with my Imate SP5 and still the same error. I also have t mobile and it does the exact same 65% as yours.
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    Phone upgrade time. Little help?

    help configuring Blackjack to tt300 I have a blackjack with TMobile. I have tried to use the settings from CrewChief to no avail. Can anyone help. CS said the blackjack is too new and they had nothing for me.