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    I found TWO versions of TomTom HOME

    Thanks for the reply. I will delete the one I don't need - already have too much junk in my download folder.
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    Go 920 with BlackBerry 9550 on Verizon

    I now have a Tour and recently purchased Tetherberry and wonder if anyone has any idea if this might work for Data Services on the Tomtom? I am a member of Crackberry and will probably ask there, too.
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    I found TWO versions of TomTom HOME

    I was trying to solve a phone-tomtom bluetooth issue and TomTom Home offered me an update of itself. I generally prefer to download apps myself and not allow auto-updating. That way I'm more in control. So I searched TomTom's site and found Home but I seem to have found two versions for...
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    New phone bluetooth issue

    Solved Well, after 3 months.... I had to reset my BB Tour's bluetooth devices and had them all re-installed but NOT tomtom. So I was determined to FIX it. I tried resetting, I tried removing 3rd party tomtom apps. I tried more resetting. I found you need to press reset for 15+ seconds...
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    New phone bluetooth issue

    I did reset the 920. And the phone. It still detects my old 8830 and says connected to "bb8830..." I do NOT want to reset the 920 to default. I am not even sure what settings I may lose in doing that. I still have an older os on the 920. I recall pairing with a friend's phone over a...
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    New phone bluetooth issue

    I've got the 920. It is paired with my Blackberry 8830. I am trying to add a new phone. Problem - I don't see anywhere to manage the phone connections at all. I seem to recall such a screen or option. Another issue - on the Preferences screens, the Bluetooth option is grayed out - I...
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    Testing European routing from US location

    Thanks for the help hint. I have forgotten those methods of anticipatory planning. Even after I did it the first time, I forgot and again just started NAVIGATION. Of course, the gps was physically sitting in the pacificnorthWET and was lost and had some real problems navigating to Seefeld in...
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    Testing European routing from US location

    We've decided to NOT spring for the extra rental car gps fee while in Austria/Italy. I've got my hopefully trusty 920 with European maps (I have not really upgraded the maps or firmware). It has worked to my satisfaction for US and US-Canada. But I would not mind testing it out in advance on...
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    Back Up Question.

    Make sure that you have Explorer/Windows show all files including ReadOnly, system and hidden files so that everything gets copied.
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    USA/Canada 7.20 available in Map Guarantee

    Gilbert and others - I fully "understand" as this is now an issue when I call "english" support for other products/services and the person on the other end of the line, "Mitchell" has this thick Indian accent. While off-shore support probably was a reasonable idea when it was first initiated...
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    Trip planning with DeLorme

    William, the thing most of us have to remember is that when we do know where we are going, local knowledge will generally be better than a gps. And while the gps might pick a somewhat convoluted route in unfamiliar terrain, hopefully, even if blocks out-of-the-way, it will get you to your...
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    One Itinerary over multiday drive questions

    Your second paragraph nipped my question in the bud more or less. I was going to ask, what if I wanted to play or explore other destinations or view a video or play music and navigation/route was still ON???? I guess a real world test will be in order.
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    When to "Pull the Plug" ?

    I generally also use the "Safely Remove hardware" icon on the Task Tray to "remove" the TT.
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    Starbucks POI Alert

    Seattle, here - now use your imagination!!!!! :eek:
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    One Itinerary over multiday drive questions

    This came up in a response I provided in a Tyre thread but got me thinking (dangerous, I know) I have created an Itinerary from Tacoma, Wa to Lee Vining, Ca, about 1,200 miles. It appears to be the route I want all the way. At certain intersections, I placed waypoints just past certain...