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    Older 720 will not link with newest version of Home 2

    Found that the USB cord was not completing connection All OK after I changed outlets Thanks
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    Older 720 will not link with newest version of Home 2

    I sign in & want to link my device The link box will not activate whether the GPS is left off & started or left on & home started OOPS a 720 not 620
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    Can't get map update

    Have a go720 which hiccuped lately. Tried back up which loaded OK but I lost the ability to use lifetime map update which I bought & used separately I am still looking for the activation code or other help What chances they will allow me the updates somehow without the code? Is there a file...
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    SDHC in place of SD

    Can I install a 4GB SDHC in A Go720 which had a 2GB SD originally?
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    Bluetooth: What Carrier's phones work and don't work: All models

    HTC one V Had no problems pairing this phone to Go720 On Telus network (Canada) Voice & data plan:)
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    Need help with Tripmaster installation

    Plugin_hook is a folder so Ok tnn file is in root directory dated 11/05/09 119 bytes / Config.txt in tripmaster folder is a quite wordy file but do not see "screenadaption with any other text? another config.txt file exists in the root directory No screenadaption item there either Possible...
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    Need help with Tripmaster installation

    Go720 8.351 Tripmaster 2.5 Needed to reinstall First tried trpmstr3.1 + hook Got the of/on flashing problem:( Erased tripmaster folder & found version 2.5 Extracted to internal root directory & same with hook Internal sdkregistry has the 2 entries expected .bmp & cap Internal...
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    730 Bluetooth won't stay connected

    My 720 keeps losing connection to a Sanyo Pro 200.It was extremely difficult to pair up for anything but wireless data which I dont use. So I regularly purge the whole file internal & replace with one that works BUT this takes an hour ! This there a list or way of determining which files get...
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    Please need help ASAP with TT 720 GO.

    Battery supply 720 Checked them out - looked good so ordered model CS-TM730SL 1300 maH Probably better than TT new ? $22 cndn & no border mess . Will supply further info after receipt & Install Thanks :)
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    Please need help ASAP with TT 720 GO.

    I have identical problem I think it was fine after removing from car but ran down battery after ?. will check other threads but is there a indicton of what a charged battery should read on a multi meter ? Unit is about a year old . has been on PC charger for 5 hours still no start .Off to...
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    Bluetooth: What Carrier's phones work and don't work: All models

    Lose pairing 720 From time to time I lose the pairing with both a Samsung & Sanyo Shows how important it is to create a back up file as re-pairing has always been a pain as the phones are paired fro data only not wireless phone operation Have to try many times before right things happen ...
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    Trip onto satelite view

    Managed a Tripmaster itinerary onto google earth . Works really well through GPS Visualizer ! You find the itinerary in folder itn & at GPS Visualizer "convert "the KML file:p
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    Tripmaster download?

    added to GO 720 Google format? Instructions at site were good . I did initially try to add to the SD card , This did not work! So moved all files using W-Explorer & working fine . Does anyone know how or what the Google map format will do or allow?
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    Use of SD Card

    Identify maps folder Want to be sure I am moving all needed files of "map" to SD card - or does the unit view both cards for info required? What files do I move Unit is a 720 Thanks