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    What is the problem of my TomTom 920?

    It's not the battery If the unit won't turn on even when in the cradle, then there is a problem with the unit itself. Even with a completely dead battery (like mine), your 920 should work fine when plugged in. You'll need to replace the whole thing. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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    What's The Latest Map Ver. For Go 740 Live?

    I know; I was thinking the same thing earlier today when I was upgrading the map on my 920. However if you're getting the map update subscription, you'll get the new map anyway.
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    Anyone in Calif. ever get dinged for windshield mounting?

    I see a lot of people with them attached to their windshields. Doesn't seem like they're enforcing it. I'm careful not to windshield-mount mine.
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    show current speed and IQ speed?

    Route IQ speeds would be hidden for support cost reasons too. The very term "IQ speed" could prove confusing to some people, and there will be those who call in asking why the speed is so high or so low (actual speeds vary with driving style among other things). I too would welcome realtime...
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    TomTom Home has fuel prices for a gas station not on your map

    This week I had the same problem you're describing. This seems to have fixed the problem: How to reset TomTom HOME
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    battery is almost dead!

    Generally not replaceable The batteries are generally not replaceable, though if you've owned your unit less than a year they'll replace it for you at the factory. My battery (GO 920T) is down to about 5-10 minutes.
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    RFID gadget for cat/dog

    Pet lovers: I'd love your feedback about an idea I have to keep the wrong animal from eating your pet's prescription food. I need votes to bring this to market. Login and vote here -- quirky products | show
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    NA & Western Europe maps 8.30 available

    Any smarter about highways It's worth upgrading to me if the new map finally understands the difference between a highway and, well, everything else. I expect the cause of my earlier reported problem has to do with the properties of the roads. For example, I almost never hear the "take the...
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    POI request - Verizon Wireless stores

    I find myself running to the VZW stores for parts and accessories fairly regularly. Any chance of getting a POI file for Verizon Wireless locations?
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    New Application (8.35) released for Go models - FM back

    Some cars provide additional information via Bluetooth, e.g. whether the headlights are on or off (which can trigger the TomTom to use day/night profiles). Could that be the Car Preferences too or is that handled elsewhere?
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    St. is Saint? and Dr. is Doctor?

    and Co is I can almost understand Doctor and Saint. I can even understand why my cell phone with a default name of "WM_mmiller" (Windows Mobile) was pronounced "William m m i l l e r," but Co (County) sounds like "Coke". Figure that one out... I wonder if ppsi is Pepsi.
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    Edit exit/street name for text-to-speech purposes

    Yeah, tried that on my TomTom but editing an exit name is apparently no different from editing a street name. Since TTS seems to read the green and white signs, that's what has to be edited. Sounds like I'm already doing the right thing; thanks for the confirmation.
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    Edit exit/street name for text-to-speech purposes

    I've got a GO 920T with firmware 8.302 and map 825. Several streets and exits have now changed name per what's shown at the top of the screen and per what Loquendo is being fed, however those new names are a bit off. For example, it's fed "Co Hwy G2 / Lawrence Expy" which is technically...
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    Changes I Would Like To See In The 920

    Typically the answer to that is, it will be mostly a business decision, based on this question: Is there enough value in the feature that people would be willing to upgrade or pay more for a newer model to get it? There's also the side question of whether it takes additional processing power...
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    New "critical" Home version 2.6 released

    This version seems to "flicker" every few seconds, meaning that you have to time any menu navigation just right or the screen refresh will kill your pulldown menu. Anyone else notice that?