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    HELP NEEDED: TomTom not recognized by PC (USB Driver problem?)

    I had a similar problem w/ a Go910; turned out to be a bad USB port on the unit; I had to RMA the unit, but got a Go920 upgrade for free :)
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    RDS-TMC Traffic Subscription Update Issue

    Hope it works out...
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    RDS-TMC Traffic Subscription Update Issue

    Mac...I feel your pain...I had a similar issue - see my post here Essentially you need to know.... TT Support is outsourced and they work from a script. :confused: They state they are NOT allowed to contact Tier2 support via phone:eek: They are having problems resetting the "expiration...
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    How will I benifit from a RDS-TMC receiver?

    RDS-TMC Receiver Info... You will not have to pay wireless phone tethering charges that most carriers require to tether your phone to another device... The RDS-TMC receiver uses a different traffic source then that used for "tethered" traffic. I recently had a problem w/ my RDS-TMC...
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    Weird NJ POI

    Did you try the Wierd NJ Contact Us Page?
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    TomTom Home 2.4 Announced

    I spoke to a tech about this a few weeks ago, they are seeing how well it does in Europe before they offer it in the US.
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    Map Share seems to be working again

    Yes....I have map 8.010 and my map updates went from 0 to 9737 with preferences set High. If I change my preference to medium it is 9751. It appears mapshare downloads all updates regardless of preference, but only makes visible the changes based on preference.
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    Go910 Remote, Car Charger, Desk Charger, Car Mount

    Please see these items on eBay... TomTom GOx10 Car Mount TomTom Remote for GO 510, GO 700, GO 910 TomTom 12/24v Car Charge TomTom Home Dock/Cradle
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    Calculator & Fuel Control

    I don't believe these will run in HOME, you have to run them on your device itself.
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    TomTom Support (or Lack There of)

    I no longer have the 910 - it was RMA'd and replaced w/ the 920; They do want the old antenna back to "test" it... I do not use any "bluetooth" plus services on my cell phone b/c Verizon charges and additional $15/month for "tethering" which I refuse to pay. How do i reset my account for...
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    TomTom Support (or Lack There of)

    Recently I had to open a support case b/c my RDS-TMC antenna stopped working immediately after I upgraded from a GO910 to a GO920... After 30-40 minutes of working w/ tier 1 support, they said they would have to escalate to tier 2 and I would receive a call in 24-48 hours. After 3 days and...
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    Map Colors Flickers while driving no idea how to fix

    Is it the colors wash out or they "flicker"? If it is flickering, try disabling the "photo" sensor that switches day time/night time colors; I noticed on the 920, as it gets brighter outside (more sunlight) my screen gets brighter (but it looks like flicker)...
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    TomTom Home 2.4 Announced

    Is the map discount scheme available for US or only UK?
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    TomTom Home 2.4 Announced

    D/L it this morning...did not have a chance to play w/ it yet, however.
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    Dead Go910

    In general I've had a 910 for about 2 years, however I have only had this 910 for a few months, I had 2 previous 910s that had to be RMA'd for various reasons; I also had to RMA my car window mount as well.