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    I need a Mac user Plz!

    Awesome! You know.... All you TTF'ers rock! This site rocks! Still a GREAT community here. I love it. Good job to J and J and the rest of the Mods... Thank all of you who eamiled and PM'd the offeres to help. I got a new TT One and I need to update my profile. Not a lot of time...
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    I need a Mac user Plz!

    Hey DF. Movin on up on Mod world I see. Glad I pointed you out to Jason ;) fanchee is a Mac freak, if you ever see that username online, point out this post for me :) mid week I should have found something at work to use.
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    I need a Mac user Plz!

    Hi Folks, Long time no talk... I'm here looking for someone I can trust. Many of you know me or know my posts... I'm a straight up sort of guy. I need help with a high profile client and I need it now. I'm looking for anyone with a Mac who would be willing to test a VPN connection to a...
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    Buddy - it's more than just for freinds

    Howdy folks.... long time no login. I haven't been on cuz A, I've been super busy with personal life... B even more busy with Work, and C... someone stole my TomTom about 10-12 weeks ago. Well check this out.... the local PD asked if I had signed up to TomTom plus Services buddy list. I...
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    Keep an eye out?

    My ONE has gone....missing. It went "missing" from a ballfield where I was playing softball. I left my sunroof open to keep the car cool, but open just enough to vent. While playing I noticed some punk watching the players from the parking lot and walking thru the cars and checking them...
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    Some bad news, for sure...

    what the.... half the reason for me choosing TomTom was it was TWEAKable... sigh... so, Sell and market a unit that is "Better" than the competition, get millions of people to buy it, love it, recommend it.... then CHANGE it?!?!?! wasn't there a huge Internet company that did this back...
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    My TomTom ONE is here!

    long day... sorry! :p
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    My TomTom ONE is here!

    Congrats on getting your Unit!!! Did ou get a v2 or a v3? What version of Maps are already installed? before you do ANYTHING else... make a FULL BACKUP! ;) And lastly... ENJOY!!! :D
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    Downloadable new maps available

    What can I say.... i'm sitting here with my jaw wide open... They told ME specifically they didn't want me allowing downloads to the "latest maps"... now they are finally doing it. I feel like a jerk for basically pressuring everyone to get the 6.65 version maps before it was too late...
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    battom... where are you???

    the good news is...if I can fine a ONE v3 for sale, I have approval to buy it. We're moving to an area she doesn't knwo so will need "a TomTom".... i told her she can have mine AFTER I get the new ONE v3...she said "OK" :cool:
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    battom... where are you???

    Not that anyone may have noticed.... but I've been away for a while. We have had a bad late March snow/slush/ice storm that took out trees, power-lines, cable ..and all sorts of stuff! Things finally got back to normal and my old 96 Taurus decided it was time to go. Luckily I've already...
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    Deadline for Maps Upgrade April 15

    3 days left.... if you miss out... no one's fault but your own!
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    Startup For 3.5" Screens

    nice, good job
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    What TomTom Voices do people want?

    Hello and welcome to TTF. I've been looking all over for James Earl Jones!!
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    Startup For 3.5" Screens

    Just use "insert image" then type the URL where you image is kept. Like this (IMG)http://your-your-here(/IMG) only instead of ( ) use [ ]